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Staff Directory


Name Contact Position
Donna Thorstensen Principal

Assistant Principal

Name Contact Position
David Chilson   Assistant Principal

Academic Dean

Name Contact Position
Rhonda Morgan Academic Dean

Office Staff

Name Contact Position
Lauren Flippin Secretary to the Principal
Vacant   Records Secretary
Chantal Bryant Safety and Security
Rebecca Smith Attendance Secretary

Health Office

Name Contact Position
Crystal Murphy School Nurse


Name Contact Position
Ashley Kurtz Instructional Resource Teacher
Stephanie Lowery Instructional Resource Teacher
Wendy Ryan Instructional Resource Teacher
Manjot Shepard Instructional Resource Teacher
Emily Gayo Community Schools Instructional Resource Teacher

Judy Center Coordinators

Name Contact Position
Wendy Binkley Judy Center Coordinator
Kerrie Walzer Judy Center Family Service Coordinator
Freneta Carson Program Assistant
Anne Kirchner Judy Center Early Childhood Liaison

Counselor/ SEL Support

Name Contact Position
Susan Fox Counselor
Christina Wondoloski SEL Coach
Kerah Bush SEL Para
Jhylia Eagle ISI Para


Name Contact Position
Amanda MacKenzie Art
Missi Cannon  Media Specialist
Laurie Modrzejewski Media Clerk
Keri Morris

Media Clerk 
Ted Kelly IT
Tiyona Gupton General Music/ Chorus
Bryan Smith General Music, Band, & Strings
Tim Hull PE
Logan Manz  PE
John Ballard Intermediate Science


Name Contact Position
Lara Santos Teacher
Sydney Shelley  Paraeducator
Stephanie Russell Paraeducator
Whitmer Teacher
Aliana Cruz  Paraeducator
Brittany Atkins  Paraeducator
Keryn Durst  Teacher
Laura Appleby Paraeducator
Alexus Thomas Paraeducator
Hannah Bear Teacher
Allana Lopez  Paraeducator
Barbara Torres Troche  Paraeducator


Name Contact Position
Sue Connolly Teacher
Connie Kenney  Paraeducator
Jaime Vickers Teacher
Jennifer Knight  Paraeducator
Tammy Biegner

Kyvette Ruffin  Paraeducator
Cayce Payne Teacher
Julie Tippett  Paraeducator
Melanie Chamberlain Teacher
Caroline Spath  Paraeducator 

First Grade

Name Contact Position
Courtney Cuthbertson Teacher
Sanchel Allen  Teacher
Aimee Bussard Teacher
Megan Lane Teacher
Brittany Haffer Teacher

Second Grade

Name Contact Position
Kyleigh Cox

Melissa Norris Teacher
Julia Katz Teacher
Christina Pamblanco

David Layman Teacher

Third Grade

Name Contact Position
Molly Herten  Teacher
Monica Moss Teacher
Anne Kimberlin Teacher
Ashleigh D’Imperio Teacher

Fourth Grade

Name Contact Position
Luchrisha Flowers Teacher
Kendrick Horan Teacher
Kaylie Chadwick Teacher
Ana Donnelly Teacher

Fifth Grade

Name Contact Position
Whitney Ward

Jenn Jones Teacher
Rebecca Gish Teacher
Brandon McCormick Teacher

Special Education

Name Contact Position
Erin de la Paz Teacher
Leila Hudson  Teacher
Jennifer Berman Teacher
Vanessa Sandoval  Speech
Melanie Wheeler Paraeducator
Amanda Jennings    Paraeducator 
Margaret Williams   Paraeducator

Building Service Staff

Name Contact Position
Katrina Mills Building Service Manager
Tiffany Thompson   Assistant Building Service Manager
Carlos Morris   Building Service Worker
Alan Courtney   Building Service Worker

Additional Staff

Name Contact Position
Chris Grace Psychologist
Grace Baker  PPW
Michelle Gonzalez ESOL
Danielle Singleton ESOL
Brenda Ridgell  Paraeducator 
Angela Nerio Community Schools Coordinator

Cafeteria Staff

Name Contact Position
Nohelia Young  Cafeteria Manager
Cheryl Sidney  Food Service Worker
Tannisha Jordan Food Service Worker
Kimberly Ramirez Food Service Worker
Jane Chase Food Service Worker
Pamela Carroll Food Service Worker
Veronica Chew  Food Service Worker